The Pocket Guide to World History

International Brigades. 1936-9. 60,000 volunteers who opposed Franco in Spanish Civil War. [Read more ...]

International Court of Justice. 1945-. UN appointed body to settle International disputes. World Court. [Read more ...]

International Labour Organization. ILO. 1919- Agency of League of Nations, United Nations. [Read more ...]

International Monetary Fund. IMF.1944. Bretton Woods. Lends money to balance foreign exchange deficits and stabilize exchange rates. [Read more ...]

Internationale. Revolutionary song based on a poem by Pottier, 1871. Music by Degeyter. [Read more ...]

Interregnum, Great. 1254-73. HRE without ruler between Hohenstaufen and Hapsburg dynasties. [Read more ...]

Intolerable Acts. 1774. British response to Boston Tea Party, Gaspee burning. Closed Boston Harbor. Established military government. Midwest under Quebec rule...Continental Congress. [Read more ...]

Invalides. 1670-7. Louis XIV built to house 4,000 invalid soldiers. Architect: Bruant, dome by Mansart. Tomb of Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Investiture Controversy. 1075-1122. Gregory VII abolished Holy Roman Emperor’s power to invest bishops. Led to war with Henry IV. Concordat of Worms. [Read more ...]

Io. Greek lover of Zeus, changed to cow by Hera. =Isis. [Read more ...]

Ion. 5C BC. Greek poet. [Read more ...]

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