The Pocket Guide to World History

Innocents, Massacre of. 4BC. Herod has all Bethlehem infants murdered. [Read more ...]

Inns of Court. British apprenticeship and appointment of barristers. Temple, Lincoln 13C. Gray’s 1295. Inner 1326. Middle 1404. 1443-1876 Serjeant’s. [Read more ...]

Inönü, Ismet. 1884-1974. Turkish military leader, Prime Minister 1923-37, 1961-5. President 1938-50. [Read more ...]

Inquisition. Group of tribunals dedicated to routing out heresy. Papal. 1231-18C. Formalized by Gregory IX. Torture to obtain confession authorized by Innocent IV 1252. Roman. 1542-1908. RC church vs Protestantism. Galileo. Spanish. 1478-1834. Formed by Isabella and Ferdinand to persecute Jews and Moslems. Torquemada. Auto-da-fé. [Read more ...]

Institute of France. 226 members. Comprises Académie Française, 1635; Inscriptions and Belle Lettres, 1663; Science, 1666; Fine Arts 1795; Political Science, 1832. Four Nations. [Read more ...]

Instruction. 1767. Catherine the Great’s proposal for liberal humanitarian legal reform. [Read more ...]

Instrument of Government. 1653-7. First written constitution in Europe. Established Protectorate in England. Humble Petition. [Read more ...]

Intelligentsia. 19C. Educated middle class Russians seeking reform. [Read more ...]

Interactionism. Descartes. False idea that the mind affects body through pineal gland. [Read more ...]

International. 1920-. Style of architecture. Glass and steel. Gropius. Le Corbusier. [Read more ...]

International. Socialist revolutionary workers movements. First. 1864-76. Founded by Marx in London. Second. 1889-1914. Paris. IFTU. Revived in 1920s. Third. 1919-43. =COMINTERN. Stalin’s Vehicle for world-wide Communist Revolution. Fourth. 1938-53. Trotsky’s Transitional Program for reform. [Read more ...]

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