The Pocket Guide to World History

Immortals. Name given to members of Académie Française. [Read more ...]

Imperial Conferences. 1907-37. Meetings of British Empire/Commonwealth countries. [Read more ...]

Imperial Preference. 1932-58. British movement for preferential tarrifs within British Empire. [Read more ...]

Imperialism. 19C European movement to expand control over larger territories. [Read more ...]

Impressionism. 1867-86. European art movement named 1874 for Monet’s Impression Sunrise. Direct from nature with colors to render surfaces and lighting effects. Rejected primacy of subject. Renoir, Pissarro, Degas, Cezanne, Manet. Music: 1892-1910. Restraint and ambiguity. Mood music. Debussy. [Read more ...]

IMRO. 1895-1934. Revolutionary movement for Macedonian autonomy. [Read more ...]

Inauguration Day. Jan 20. US president takes office after election. [Read more ...]

Inca. 12-16C Peruvian empire of 12M people. 1533 Pizarro conquers. [Read more ...]

Income Tax. Britain: 1193 Walter to ransom Richard I. 1799-1815 To finance war vs Napoleon. 10% over £200; 1842 Peel 3%. US: 1862-72 3% over $800 (5% if outside US); 1913 over $3000 only. [Read more ...]

Incunabula. Books printed before 1500. Caxton. Gutenberg. [Read more ...]

Independence Day. Annual US holiday since July 4, 1776. Declaration of Independence. [Read more ...]

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