The Pocket Guide to World History

Ile St-Louis, Paris.1627-64. Classical style buildings. [Read more ...]

Ili Crisis. 1871-81. Russia invades Chinese Ili province. [Read more ...]

Iliad. 8C BC. Homer’s epic of Trojan War. [Read more ...]

Illuminati. 16-18C. Term applied to rationalistic anticlerical Christian sects. [Read more ...]

Illyria. 6C BC Greek colony. NW Balkans. 1809 Kingdom of Illyria. 1814 Austria. Yugoslavia. [Read more ...]

Illyrian Wars. 229BC~219BC. Romans defeat Illyrian pirates. Greeks recognize Romans as civilized, admit them to games. [Read more ...]

Imagists. 1912-. Poets eschew sentimentality for precision and imagery. Pound. Lawrence. Lowell. [Read more ...]

Imhotep. 27C BC. Egyptian vizier, architect of First (stepped) pyramid. [Read more ...]

Immaculate Conception. 1854. Established as RC dogma. [Read more ...]

Immigration Acts. 1962. Britain limits immigration from Commonwealth. [Read more ...]

Immigration Laws. 1852. US bars Chinese. 1900 Japanese. 1921- set quotas by country of origin. [Read more ...]

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