The Pocket Guide to World History

Apostles. 12 disciples of Jesus. Also, first missionary to a country. [Read more ...]

Apostles’ Creed. 410. Widely-used affirmation of Christian faith. [Read more ...]

Apostolic Constitutions. c380BC. Books of ecclesiastic law. [Read more ...]

Appeasement Policy. 1937-9. British yield to Nazi demands in hope of maintaining peace. Munich Agreement. Gentleman’s Agreement. [Read more ...]

Appert, Nicolas. c1752-1841. French inventor of preservation by canning. [Read more ...]

Appian of Alexander. 2C. Greek/Roman historian. [Read more ...]

Appian Way. 312BC. Appius Claudius’ road from Rome to Brindisi. [Read more ...]

Appleseed, Johnny. (Chapman). 1774-1845. US nurseryman. Gave seedlings to pioneers. [Read more ...]

Appleton, Edward. 1892-1965. English physicist: Appleton ionospheric layer. [Read more ...]

Apprentices Statute. 1563-1814 England. 7 Years apprenticeship required for all trades. [Read more ...]

April Theses. 1917. Lenin’s plan for Soviet takeover of state power from provisional government. [Read more ...]

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