The Pocket Guide to World History

Hunter’s Lodge. 1838. Secret US organization to overthrow British in Canada. 2 Attacks repulsed. [Read more ...]

Huron. North America Indian tribe massacred by Iroquois 1648-50. Oklahoma. [Read more ...]

Husak, Gustav. 1913-91. Czech leader 1968-89. Put in power by Moscow during Czech Invasion. Pres 1975-89. [Read more ...]

Husayn ibn Ali. 626-680. Shi’ite Moslem saint. Muhammad’s heir. [Read more ...]

Huss, Jan. 1372-1415. Bohemian priest. Burnt for advocating Wycliffe. Hussite Wars. [Read more ...]

Hussars. 1458-. Light cavalry units, originally Hungarian. [Read more ...]

Hussein, Saddam. 1937-. Iraqi Ba’ath dictator 1979-. Iran-Iraq War. Gulf War. [Read more ...]

Hussein ibn Talal. 1935-99. Moderate Jordanian king 1953-. Israel Peace Treaty 1994. [Read more ...]

Husserl, Edmund. 1859-1938. German philosopher. Phenomenology. [Read more ...]

Hussite Wars. 1415-36. Huss followers vs HRE for religious reform and Bohemian nationalism. Utraquists. [Read more ...]

Hutchinson, Anne. 1591-1643. Expelled from Massachussets. by Puritans, founded Rhode Is. 1637. [Read more ...]

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