The Pocket Guide to World History

Hundred Days. 1815. March 20 to July 8; Napoleon’s escape from Elba to his second abdication. 1933. Began Roosevelt’s administration. New Deal enacted. [Read more ...]

Hundred Flowers Movement. China. 1956-7. Increased freedom of intellectuals. Criticism of Party led to backlash. [Read more ...]

Hundred Years War. 1337~1453. English defend claims to French throne. Crécy. Poitiers. Agincourt. Joan of Arc. English driven from continent, except Calais. [Read more ...]

Hung Hsiu-ch’üan. 1814-64. Led Tai-Ping Rebellion. Claimed to be Christ’s brother. Founded new religion based on Chinese unity. [Read more ...]

Hungarian Uprising. 1703-11. Ferenc Rákóczi II led vs Hapsburg centralism. No real change achieved. 1956. Student-led revolt crushed by Russian troops. Kádár puppet government established. Nagy executed. [Read more ...]

Hungary. Celts, Ilyrians. Pannonia. 14BC Rome. Germans, Asians. c600 Avars. c800 Franks. 892-1301 Arpad-Magyars. 1001 Christian monarch. 1241 Mongols invade. 1526 Turks invade. 1664 Ottoman 1699 Hapsburg. 1848-9 Republic. 1866 Dual Monarchy. 1918 Republic. 1949 People’s Republic. 1990 Democratic. [Read more ...]

Hünkâr Iskelesi. Unkiar Skelesi. [Read more ...]

Hunkers. 1840s. NY Democrats vs Barnburners. [Read more ...]

Huns. Nomadic peoples of Central Asia who invaded Europe in 4-5C. Attila. Defeated at Châlons-sur-Marne, 451. [Read more ...]

Hunt, William. 1827-1910. British Pre-Raphaelite painter. [Read more ...]

Hunter, John. 1728-93. British surgeon, pathologist. [Read more ...]

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