The Pocket Guide to World History

Huitzilopochtli. Aztec war and sun god. [Read more ...]

Hukbalahap Rebellion. 1946-54. Unsuccessful Communist guerillas vs Roxas in Philippines. [Read more ...]

Hull, Cordell. 1871-1955. US Secretary of State. UN founder. Trade agreements. [Read more ...]

Human Rights. Agreed natural rights for all mankind. Stoics. Declaration of the Rights of Man 1789. Bill of Rights 1791. Buisson. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. Amnesty International. [Read more ...]

Humanae Vitae. 1968. Pope Paul VI Encyclical against artificial birth control. [Read more ...]

Humane Society. 1774 England. [Read more ...]

Humanism. 14C-. Philosophy. Mankind at the center of consciousness. Mankind can live ethically without recourse to the supernatural. Belief in personal worth of individual. Rational, creative. Petrarch. [Read more ...]

Humble Petition. 1657. English Constitution of Protectorate. Cromwell as Lord Protector. [Read more ...]

Humboldt, Alexander von. 1769-1859. German naturalist, ecologist. [Read more ...]

Hume, David. 1711-76. Scottish empiricist philosopher and historian: On Human Nature 1739. Free-will. Behaviour results from innate character. God cannot be proved by reason, but we must believe in Him. [Read more ...]

Humperdinck, Engelbert. 1854-1921. German composer. Hansel and Gretel 1893. [Read more ...]

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