The Pocket Guide to World History

Hudaybiyah, Pact of al-. 628. Muhammad and followers allowed into Mecca for pilgrimage. Hijrah. [Read more ...]

Hudson, Henry. -1611. English navigator to Hudson’s Bay. [Read more ...]

Hudson River. 1825-75. US Romantic landscape painting school. [Read more ...]

Hudson’s Bay Company. 1670-. England. Explored Canada. Sought NW passage. Trading posts. Fur trade. Monopoly 1821-58. Seven Oaks Massacre. [Read more ...]

Hugh Capet. c941-996. First of the Capetian dynasty of French kings 987-. Son of Hugh the Great. [Read more ...]

Hugh of St. Victor. 1096-1141. Led prominent school of St. Victor, Paris. [Read more ...]

Hughes, Howard. 1905-76. US millionaire recluse. Movies, aviation. [Read more ...]

Hughes, Ted. 1930-98. English poet laureate 1984-. Birthday Letters 1998. Sylvia Plath. [Read more ...]

Hugo, Victor. 1802-85. French Romantic poet/writer. Notre Dame 1831. Les Misérables 1862. Exiled 1852-70. [Read more ...]

Huguenots. 1510-18C. Persecuted French Calvinist Protestants. 300,000 expelled 1685. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Wars of Religion. Edict of Nantes. Henry of Navarre. Declaration of Rights of Man, 1789. [Read more ...]

Hui-neng. 638-713. Chinese Zen priest. Satori-sudden enlightenment. [Read more ...]

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