The Pocket Guide to World History

Hsia. 1994-1523BC. Legendary first Chinese dynasty. [Read more ...]

Hsiung-nu. 5C BC-5C AD. Asian empire. Great Wall completed to keep them out 214-204BC. [Read more ...]

Hsüan-t’ung. P’u-i, Henry. [Read more ...]

Hu Yaobang. 1915-89. Liberal Chinese Communist Party chairman. Death led to Tiananmen demonstrations. [Read more ...]

Hua Kuo-feng. c1920-. Chinese Premier 1976-80, Chairman 1976-81. [Read more ...]

Huai Hai, Battle. 1948-9. Chinese communists gain control of key routes. [Read more ...]

Huang Hsing. 1874-1916. Led Chinese uprising 1911, with Sun Yat-sen. [Read more ...]

Huang Ti. Legendary founder of Taoism. [Read more ...]

Hubbard, L Ron. 1911-86. Science Fiction writer. Founded Scientology. Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health. [Read more ...]

Hubble, Edwin. 1889-1953. English discoverer of galaxies 1922-24. [Read more ...]

Hubertusburg Treaty. 1763. Prussia/Austria end 7 Years War. Prussia established as power. [Read more ...]

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