The Pocket Guide to World History

Houston, Sam. 1793-1863. Texas Commander in revolt vs Mexico 1835-6. President, Texas Republic 1836~44. [Read more ...]

Howard, Catherine. 1521-42. 5th wife of Henry VIII. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Howard, Charles. 1536-1624. English. Commanded expedition vs Spanish Armada. [Read more ...]

Howard, John. 1726-90. English prison reformer. [Read more ...]

Howe, Elias. 1819-67. US inventor: sewing machine 1845. Thimmonier. [Read more ...]

Howe, Julia. 1819-1910. US suffragette author: Battle Hymn of the Republic. [Read more ...]

Howells, Herbert. 1892-1983. British church music composer. [Read more ...]

Hoxha, Enver. 1908-85. Albanian Marxist-Leninist dicatator 1944-. [Read more ...]

Hoyle, Edmond. 1672-1769. English game expert. [Read more ...]

HRE. Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Hsi Ho. Chinese goddess; mother of sun. [Read more ...]

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