The Pocket Guide to World History

Apartheid. 1948-1994. Racial segregation in South Africa. [Read more ...]

Apelles. 4C BC. Greek painter. No surviving works. [Read more ...]

Aphrodite. Greek goddess of love and beauty, Roman Venus. [Read more ...]

Apocrypha. 14 Books of the Old Testament excluded by Protestants and Jews. [Read more ...]

Apollinaire, Guillaume. 1880-1918. Italian/French avant-garde poet, coined term Surrealism to describe Chagall work. [Read more ...]

Apollinarianism. 4C Christian heresy. Jesus not truly human because of his divine nature. [Read more ...]

Apollo. Greek/Roman perfection of male beauty, god of prophecy, song and music. [Read more ...]

Apollo Program. 1961-72. US moon mission. Apollo 11 landing 1969. [Read more ...]

Apollodorus. 5C BC. Athenian painter. Shading. No surviving work. [Read more ...]

Apollonius of Perga. c262-190BC. Greek mathematician: named conic sections: ellipse, hyperbola, parabola. [Read more ...]

Apollonius Rhodius. 3C BC. Poet, librarian at Alexandria. Argonautica. [Read more ...]

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