The Pocket Guide to World History

Horae. Greek goddesses of seasons. [Read more ...]

Horatio. Roman hero. Stood alone vs Etruscan army. [Read more ...]

Horthy, Miklós. 1868-1957. Hungarian ruler 1920-44. [Read more ...]

Horus. Egyptian deity of sunlight and goodness. Falcon. [Read more ...]

Hospitallers, Knights. 11C-. Order of St. John. First devoted to aid of pilgrims to Holy Land. Prominent in crusades. Bought Rhodes 1309. Expelled by Ottomans, 1522. Given Malta by Charles V, 1530. Expelled by Napoleon, 1798. = Knights of Malta. [Read more ...]

Hostage Crisis. 1979-81. Iranian miltants sieze US Embassy. Hold 52 hostages 444 days. [Read more ...]

Hôtel de Ville, Paris (Town Hall). Designed by Il Bocardo, 1533. [Read more ...]

Hottentots. South African native tribe. [Read more ...]

Houdon, Jean. 1741-1828. French portrait sculptor. Diderot 1771. Diana 1777. [Read more ...]

Houphouët-Boigny, Félix. 1905-93. West African leader. President of Ivory Coast 1960-. [Read more ...]

Housman, A.E. 1859-1936. English poet: Shropshire Lad 1896. Romanatic pessimism. [Read more ...]

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