The Pocket Guide to World History

Hooft, Pieter. 1581-1647. Dutch Renaissance poet and playwright. [Read more ...]

Hooke, Robert. 1635-1703. English inventor of balance spring watch. Diffraction 1672. Wave theory of light. [Read more ...]

Hoover, Herbert. 1874-1964. US President 1929-33. Hoover Dam. St. Lawrence Seaway. Opposed direct federal aid to unemployed during Depression. [Read more ...]

Hoover, J Edgar. 1895-1972. US FBI director 1924-. [Read more ...]

Hope, Thomas. 1769-1831. English Regency furniture designer and author. [Read more ...]

Hope Hawkins, Anthony. 1863-1933. English author. Prisoner of Zenda 1894. [Read more ...]

Hopkins, Frederick. 1861-1947. English vitamin discoverer. [Read more ...]

Hopkins, Gerald Manley. 1844-89. English poet. [Read more ...]

Hopper, Edward. 1882-1967. US realist painter. Nighthawks 1942. [Read more ...]

Hopper, Grace. 1906-92. US Admiral. Pioneer computer programmer 1944. “Debugged” Mark I by removing moth. [Read more ...]

Horace. 65-8BC. Roman poet: Odes, Satires. [Read more ...]

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