The Pocket Guide to World History

Holocaust. 1939-45. Nazi killing of of Jews, minorities, opponents and POWs in concentration camps. Final Solution. 5.8 million Jews and 5-11 million non-Jews. [Read more ...]

Holst, Gustav. 1874-1934. British composer: original style, harmonic experiments. Planets 1918. [Read more ...]

Holy Alliance. 1815. Russia, Prussia, Austria ally to preserve Christian principles, peace and monarchies. All European rulers but 3 joined. [Read more ...]

Holy Grail. Cup used by Jesus at Last Supper. [Read more ...]

Holy Leagues. 1495 Repelled French invasion of Italy. 1511 Forced France from Italy. 1520 Spanish cities vs HRE. 1526 Failed to force HRE from Italy. 1538 Opposed Schmalkaldic League. 1571 vs Turks. 1576 Opposed Protestantism in France. 1609 vs Protestant Union. 1684 vs Ottomans. [Read more ...]

Holy Roman Empire. 962-1806. Germanic Empire with elected king. Successor to Western Roman Empire. Geographically: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria; most of Italy, Bohemia; part of France. Hapsburg. Austrian Empire. [Read more ...]

Holyroodhouse. 1501 Edinburgh Palace. [Read more ...]

Home Rule Bill. 1914 Separate Irish Parliament. 1920 Government of Ireland Act. Irish Free State. [Read more ...]

Home Rule Movement, Irish. 1870-c1920. For independence from Britain. [Read more ...]

Homer. 8C BC. Greek poet: reputed to have written the Iliad 748 and Odyssey 727BC. [Read more ...]

Homer, Winslow. 1836-1910. US Realist seascape painter. [Read more ...]

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