The Pocket Guide to World History

Hitchcock, Alfred. 1899-1980. English/US horror film maker. 39 Steps 1935. Psycho 1960. [Read more ...]

Hitler, Adolf. 1889-1945. Austrian/German Nazi Chancellor 1933-, dictator 1934-. Expansionist policies led to WWII. Mein Kampf 1925. [Read more ...]

Hittites. c2300-1170BC. Asia Minor Empire c1400-. Discovered iron smelting. Hieroglyphics. [Read more ...]

Ho Chi Minh. 1890-1969. North Vietnamese Communist President 1945-. [Read more ...]

Ho Hsien-ku. Only female of Eight Immortals of Taoism. [Read more ...]

Hoban, James. 1762-1831. US architect. White House 1792. [Read more ...]

Hobbes, Thomas. 1588-1679. English Materialist Determinist philosopher. Nominalist. Royalist. Good is that which brings pleasure; evil, pain. Mind is the result of physical activity in the brain. Elements of Law 1640. Leviathan 1651. [Read more ...]

Hobson, John. 1858-1940. British pre-Keynesian economist. Imperialism 1902. [Read more ...]

Hobson, Tobias. Cambridge innkeeper who offered no choice of hired horse. -“Hobson’s choice”. [Read more ...]

Hochelaga. -c1600. Iroquois village at site of Montreal. Discovered 1535 by Cartier. [Read more ...]

Hodler, Ferdinand. 1853-1918. Swiss Symbolist artist. The Night 1890. [Read more ...]

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