The Pocket Guide to World History

Antony, Mark. c83-30BC. Caesar’s lieutenant. Triumvirate 43-32. Defeated at Actium with Cleopatra. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Antophon. c480-411BC. Athenian. First prof. orator. [Read more ...]

Anu. Babylonian god of heavens. [Read more ...]

Anubis. Jackal-headed Egyptian god of dead. [Read more ...]

Anvari. 1126-1189. Persian poet. [Read more ...]

Anvil, Operation. 1944. Allied invasion of south France. [Read more ...]

Anville, J.B. d’. 1697-1782. French cartographer known for accuracy. [Read more ...]

ANZAC. Australian+New Zealand forces in WWI. Gallipoli. [Read more ...]

Anzio, Battle. 1944. Allied landing site in Italy. [Read more ...]

ANZUS, Pact. 1951. Australia, NZ, US mutual defence in Pacific. [Read more ...]

Apache. Natives of SW North America. Geronimo. Cochise. [Read more ...]

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