The Pocket Guide to World History

Henry VI. 1421-71. King of England and France 1422-61, 70-1. Founded King’s College Cambridge, Eton. Lost France except Calais. Weakness led to War of Roses. Deposed. [Read more ...]

Henry VII. 1457-1509. First Tudor King of England 1485-. Defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field, 1485. Ended War of Roses. United Lancasters, Yorks. [Read more ...]

Henry VIII. 1491-1547. King of England 1509-. Executed Thomas More. Established Church of England. Dissolved monasteries. Six wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr. [Read more ...]

Henry the Navigator. 1394-1460. Portuguese prince. Sponsored African exploration. School of Navigation 1423. [Read more ...]

Henze, Hans. 1926-. German/Italian composer. Combines German intellectualism with Italian lyricism. We Come to the River 1976. [Read more ...]

Hephaestus. Greek god of fire, metalsmith. =Vulcan. [Read more ...]

Hepplewhite, George. 1593-1633. English devotional poet. [Read more ...]

Hepplewhite, George. -1786. English Neoclassical furniture designer. [Read more ...]

Heptarchy. 5-9C. Seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England: Kent, Essex, Sussex, Wessex, Mercia, E. Anglia, Northumbria. Frequent wars. [Read more ...]

Hepworth, Barbara. 1903-75. English abstract sculptor. [Read more ...]

Hera. Wife of Zeus. Queen of gods. = Juno. [Read more ...]

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