The Pocket Guide to World History

Henry I. 1069-1135. King of England 1100-. Regained Normandy for England 1106. Defined yard 1101. [Read more ...]

Henry I. c1008-60. French king 1031-. [Read more ...]

Henry II. 1133-1189. Plantagenet king of England 1154-. Common Law system. Married Eleanor of Aquitaine. Angevin Empire. Becket. Rosamund. [Read more ...]

Henry II. 1519-59. French king 1547-. Repressed Protestants. Captured Calais 1558. Treaties of Chambord, Cateau-Cambrésis. [Read more ...]

Henry III. 1202-72. English king, 1216-. Provisions of Oxford 1258. Montfort. [Read more ...]

Henry III. 1551-89. French king 1574-. Wars of Religion, Three Henrys. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Henry IV. 1050-1106. Holy Roman Emperor, 1056-. Civil War. Struggles with Gregory VII led to excommunication. Worms Synod. Clement III. [Read more ...]

Henry IV. 1366-1413. Rebelled vs Richard II. King of England 1399-. Consolidated government. First Lancaster. [Read more ...]

Henry IV. of Navarre. 1553-1610. King of France 1589-. Converted to Catholicism. Edict of Nantes protected Protestant rights. ’Reign of Rebuilding’. Assassinated by Ravaillac. Margaret of France. [Read more ...]

Henry V. 1086-1125. German king 1106-, Holy Roman Emperor 1111-. Imprisoned pope 1111, ending investiture controversy. Concordat of Worms. [Read more ...]

Henry V. 1387-1422. King of England 1413-. Claimed France. Victor at Agincourt. Treaty of Troyes. [Read more ...]

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