The Pocket Guide to World History

Helvetic Confessions. 1636,62. Swiss Reform church doctrines. 2nd widely adopted. [Read more ...]

Helvetii. Celtic tribe defeated by Caesar 58BC. [Read more ...]

Helvétius, Claude-Adrien. 1715-71. French Materialist philosopher. All actions based on self-interest. De l’ésprit 1758. [Read more ...]

Hemingway, Ernest. 1898-1961. US novelist: Fairwell to Arms 1929. For Whom the Bell Tolls 1940. Old Man and the Sea 1952. Style:“A stream with stones of nouns and a surface of prepositional ripples” -L. Morrow. [Read more ...]

Henderson, Arthur. 1863-1935. British organizer of Labour Party. [Read more ...]

Hengist and Horsa. 5C. Legendary Jute brothers, founded Kent. Fought Britons. [Read more ...]

Hennepin, Louis. 1626-1701. Missionary explorer of Great Lakes. First European to Niagara Falls. [Read more ...]

Henrican Articles. 1573. Limited authority of Polish kings. [Read more ...]

Henry, Joseph. 1797-1878. US discoverer of electromagnetic induction. Electric motor, 1829. [Read more ...]

Henry, O. 1862-1910. US short-story writer. Surprise endings and irony. Gift of the Magi. Porter. [Read more ...]

Henry, Patrick. 1736-99. US revolutionary. “Give me liberty or give me death” 1775. Bill of Rights. [Read more ...]

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