The Pocket Guide to World History

Hellenistic Art. c330-50BC. Cosmopolitan culturally diverse period of Alexander’s empire. Sensual, emotional sculpture. Dying Gaul. Laocoön. [Read more ...]

Hellespont. Greek name for Dardanelles. [Read more ...]

Hellman, Lillian. 1905-84. US playwright. Little Foxes 1939. Pentimiento 1973. [Read more ...]

Helmholtz, Hermann. 1821-94. German physicist. Conservation of Energy. [Read more ...]

Helmont, Jan van. 1580-1644. Flemish discoverer of CO2. [Read more ...]

Helnaes Stone. c800. Oldest Danish runic stone. [Read more ...]

Heloïse. c1098-1164. Niece of Fulbert, loved by Abelard. [Read more ...]

Helots. Spartan slave class. Rebelled 464BC. [Read more ...]

Helsinki Accords. 1975. Human rights, freedom, co-operation. Reduced East-West tensions. [Read more ...]

Helsinki Group. 1976. Soviet dissidents who monitor human rights aspect of Helsinki Accord. Orlov. Shscharansky. [Read more ...]

Helvetia. Roman name for Switzerland. [Read more ...]

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