The Pocket Guide to World History

Antinomianism. 16C Belief that some Christians by special faith need not obey Old Testament moral laws. [Read more ...]

Antinoüs. c110-30. Favourite of Hadrian. [Read more ...]

Antioch. 300BC Seleucus I founds. 64BC Rome. First reference to disciples as Christians c42. 540 Persia. 637 Moslem. 10-11C Syrian capital. 969 Byzantine. 1098 Crusader State. 1268 Egypt. 1517 Ottoman. 1920 Syria. 1939 Turkey. [Read more ...]

Antipater. -319BC. Macedonian general and regent. [Read more ...]

Antipope. Elected in opposition to existing pope. Schism. [Read more ...]

Antisthenes. c445-365BC. Greek philosopher. Founder of Cynics. [Read more ...]

Antoine, André. 1858-1943. Antoine Theatre, Paris 1897. [Read more ...]

Antoine, Jacques. -1801. Architect of Paris Mint. [Read more ...]

Antonescu, Ion. 1882-1946. Pro-German Romanian dictator, 1938-44. [Read more ...]

Antonine Wall. 142. Scotland. North of Hadrian’s. Abandoned ~196. Antoninus. [Read more ...]

Antoninus, Pius. 86-161. Roman Emperor 138-. Built Antonine Wall. [Read more ...]

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