The Pocket Guide to World History

Hazlitt, William. 1778-1830. English essayist, critic. The Plain Speaker 1826. [Read more ...]

Head Act. 1465. Bounty to English colonists for heads of Irish. [Read more ...]

Hearn, Lafcadio. 1850-1904. Translator; brought Japanese culture to West. [Read more ...]

Hearst, Wm Randolph. 1863-1951. US newspaper giant: San Francisco Examiner. [Read more ...]

Hearth Tax. 1663-89. English tax on chimneys and hearths. [Read more ...]

Heath, Edward. 1916-. British Conservative Prime Minister 1970-4. Common Market. [Read more ...]

Heathcoat. Invented lace machine 1809. [Read more ...]

Hebbel, Friedrich. 1813-63. German psychological poet, playwright. Nibelungen 1862. [Read more ...]

Hebe. Greek goddess of youth. [Read more ...]

Hébert, Jacques. 1757-94. French revolutionary extremist. Led Sansculottes. Cult of Reason. [Read more ...]

Hebrews. Original name for Jews. Descendants of Abraham. [Read more ...]

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