The Pocket Guide to World History

Ham. Son of Noah. [Read more ...]

Hamas. 1987-. Militant terrorist movement for elimination of Israel and establishment of a Palestinian state. Denounced 1993 peace agreement. PLO. [Read more ...]

Hambach Festival. 1832. Young Germany demonstration. [Read more ...]

Hamid II, Abdul. 1842-1915. Despotic Turkish Sultan, 1876-1909. [Read more ...]

Hamilcar Barca. -228BC. Hannibal’s father. [Read more ...]

Hamilton, Alexander. 1755-1804. US Federalist statesman. First Secretary of Treasury. Killed in duel by Burr. [Read more ...]

Hamilton, James. 1606-49. Scottish Royalist. Defeated by Cromwell. Hanged. [Read more ...]

Hamilton, William Rowan. 1805-65. Irish mathematician. Unification of optics and dynamics. Quaternion Theory. [Read more ...]

Hamilton-Gordon, George. 1784-1860. British Prime Minister 1852-55. Oregon Treaty. Crimean War. [Read more ...]

Hamman, Johann. 1730-88. German Pietism founder. [Read more ...]

Hammarskjold, Dag. 1905-61. Swedish UN Secretary General 1953-. [Read more ...]

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