The Pocket Guide to World History

Gilded Age. Post American Civil War period of materialism, questionable ethics. Named by Mark Twain. [Read more ...]

Gilgamesh. Legendary Babylonian king. Epic 2000BC includes Great Flood. [Read more ...]

Gillespie, Dizzy. 1917-93. US jazz, big band performer/leader. Founder of Bebop. [Read more ...]

Gillette, King. 1855-1932. US safety razor, blade inventor. [Read more ...]

Ginsberg, Allen. 1926-97. US Beat poet. Howl 1956. [Read more ...]

Giolitti, Giovanni. 1842-1928. Italian Prime Minister 1892~1921. Universal male suffrage 1912. [Read more ...]

Giorgione. c1477-1510. Venetian painter. Tempest c1505. Madonna of Castel franco c1504. [Read more ...]

Giotto. c1266-1337. Florentine fresco painter. First to abandon Byzantine style. Arena Chapel frescoes 1305. Madonna and Child c1314. [Read more ...]

Girardon, François. 1628-1715. French Baroque sculptor. Tomb of Richelieu 1675-7. [Read more ...]

Girondins. 1791-3 Moderate French republicans. Tried to save king’s life. Most executed. Danton. [Read more ...]

Girtin, Thomas. 1775-1802. English watercolorist. [Read more ...]

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