The Pocket Guide to World History

Gatling, Richard. 1818-1903. US inventor of automatic gun 1861. [Read more ...]

GATT. General Agreement on Trade and Tarrifs. 1948-95. Regulates trade tarrifs under UN. WTO. [Read more ...]

Gaucho. 18-19C Nomadic South American cowboy. [Read more ...]

Gaudi, Antonio. 1852-1926. Barcelona architect: Sagrada Familia 1883-; Casa Mila 1905-7. [Read more ...]

Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri. 1891-1915. French Vorticist sculptor. [Read more ...]

Gaugemela, Battle. 331BC. Alexander the Great defeats Persia. [Read more ...]

Gauguin, Paul. 1848-1903. French Post-Impressionist painter typified by abstracted figures and flat planes of color. Tahitian Landscape. Day of the God 1894. [Read more ...]

Gaul. Celtic populated region = modern France, Belgium, W Germany, N Italy. [Read more ...]

Gaullists. 1947-76. Supporters of DeGaulle’s programs. 1976. RPR. [Read more ...]

Gauls. Celtic peoples. Settled France by 5C BC. [Read more ...]

Gauss, Karl. 1777-1855. German physicist, mathematician. Complex Numbers. Modern arithmetic 1801. [Read more ...]

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