The Pocket Guide to World History

Galle, Johann. 1812-1910. German. Discovered Neptune 1846. [Read more ...]

Gallic Wars. 58-51BC. Julius Caesar conquers Gauls, last independent Celts on continent. [Read more ...]

Gallican Confession. 1559. French Calvinists’ statement of faith. [Read more ...]

Gallicanism. 13-19C. French Catholic independence from papal authority. Conciliarism vs Ultramontanism. [Read more ...]

Gallienus, Publius. -268 Roman Emperor. 253-. Lost Gaul, eastern areas. Revolt of 30 Tyrants. [Read more ...]

Gallipoli. 1915-16. Unsuccessful Allied attempt to secure Dardanelles from Turkey. Churchill resigns as Lord of Admiralty. [Read more ...]

Gallon. 1707 Queen Anne’s wine gallon=US gallon (231 cubic inches). 1824 Imperial gallon defined as 10 pounds of water. [Read more ...]

Galloway, Joseph. c1731-1803 British loyalist leader in American Revolution. Peaceful settlement proposal defeated. [Read more ...]

Gallup, George. 1901-84. US public opinion pollster 1932-. [Read more ...]

Galsworthy, John. 1867-1933. British writer. Forsythe Saga 1906-21. [Read more ...]

Galt, Alexander. 1817-93. British/Canadian statesman, father of Canadian Confederation. [Read more ...]

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