The Pocket Guide to World History

Gag Rules. 1836-44. Prevented discussion of anti-slavery bills in US Congress. [Read more ...]

Gagarin, Yuri. 1934-68. Soviet cosmonaut, first man in space, 1961. [Read more ...]

Gage, Thomas. 1721-87. English general, Governor of Massachussets. 1774-5. Siezed munitions at Concord, American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Gainsborough, Thomas. 1727-88. English portrait and landscape painter. Boy Blue 1770. Watering Place. [Read more ...]

Gaiseric. 390-477. Vandal and Alani King 428-. Conquered Roman Africa 429. Sacked Rome 455. [Read more ...]

Gaius. 2C. Roman jurist. Institutes 161. [Read more ...]

Galahad. Chaste Arthurian knight. Lancelot’s son. Holy Grail. [Read more ...]

Galapagos. 1535 Berlanga discovers for Spain. 1832 Ecuador. 1835 Darwin visits. [Read more ...]

Galatea. Sea nymph. Lover of Acis. [Read more ...]

Galatia. 275BC Area of Turkey taken by Gauls. 189BC Romans conq. [Read more ...]

Galba. Roman Emperor 68-69. [Read more ...]

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