The Pocket Guide to World History

Friedman, Milton. 1912-. Monetarist economist. Demand is mainly a function of money supply. Keynes. Laissez-faire. Capitalism and Freedom 1962. [Read more ...]

Friends, Society of. = Quakers. [Read more ...]

Fries’s Rebellion. 1799. Pennsylvanian German-Americans rebel vs property tax. Pardoned by Adams. [Read more ...]

Frigg. Wife of Odin, Roman =Juno. [Read more ...]

Frisia. 530. Raided by Viking Hugleikr. [Read more ...]

Frobisher, Martin. 1535-94. British navigator in search of North-West passage 1576. [Read more ...]

Froebel, Friedrich. 1782-1852. German kindergarten 1841. Creativity, personal development, social adjustment. [Read more ...]

Froissart, Jean. c1333-1400. French Chronicles of the Hundred Years War 1391. [Read more ...]

Fromm, Erich. 1900-80. German/US psychoanalyst. Man for Himself 1947. The Sane Society 1955. [Read more ...]

Fronde. 1648-53. Revolt of French parliamentarians vs king’s power. Failure encouraged Absolutism. [Read more ...]

Frontenac. 1622-98. French Governor of New France. Defeated Iroquois. Expanded fur trade. [Read more ...]

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