The Pocket Guide to World History

France, Battle. June 5-16, 1940. Germany takes France. [Read more ...]

France, College of. Created by Francis I in 1530 as the 3 Language College: Latin, Hebrew, Greek. [Read more ...]

Francesca, Piero della. 1406-92. Italian fresco painter. Story of the True Cross 1465. [Read more ...]

Francis I. 1494-1547. French king 1515-. Vs Charles V. Prosecuted Protestants. Began exploration, colonization. Field of Cloth of Gold. [Read more ...]

Francis I. 1708-65. Holy Roman Emperor, 1745-. Husband of Maria Theresa. Wars of Polish and Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

Francis II. 1768-1835. Last HRE 1792-1806. Empire dissolved. Francis I of Austria 1804-. [Read more ...]

Francis Ferdinand. 1863-1914. Austrian archduke assassinated in Sarajevo, provoking WWI. [Read more ...]

Francis Joseph I. 1830-1916. Austrian Empire. 1848-. King of Hungary 1867-. Bismarck. Triple Alliance. Dual Monarchy. [Read more ...]

Francis Joseph II. 1906-89. Ruled Liechtenstein 1938-. Neutral in WWII. High tech, banking, Europe’s richest nation. Woman suffrage 1984. [Read more ...]

Francis of Assisi, St. 1182-1226. Founder of the Franciscan order. [Read more ...]

Francis of Paola, St. 1416-1507. Founder of ascetic Minim Friars 1435. [Read more ...]

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