The Pocket Guide to World History

Firearms. 1247 used at Siege of Seville.1327 Edward III uses canon vs Scots. 1364 Perugia First handguns. 1640 Flintlock. [Read more ...]

First Coalition. 1792. European countries opposed to French Revolution. [Read more ...]

Fischer von Erlach, J.B. 1656-1723. Austrian architect. Intro. baroque. Schönbrunn Palace 1696, Church of St Charles Borromeo 1716-37. [Read more ...]

Fisher, Ronald. 1890-1962. British scientist. Mathematical statistics. Variance. [Read more ...]

Fisher, St. John. 1469-1535. English Humanist scholar. Beheaded for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as head of church. More. [Read more ...]

Fisk, James. 1834-72. Flamboyant US financier. Attempt to corner gold market led to Black Friday 1869. [Read more ...]

Fitch, John. 1743-98. First US steamboat, 1787. [Read more ...]

Fitzgerald, Edward. 1763-98. Irish rebel. Sought aid from France for 1798 uprising. [Read more ...]

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. 1896-1940. US Jazz age writer. This Side of Paradise 1920. Great Gatsby 1925. [Read more ...]

Fitzgerald, Gerald. c1538-83. Irish. Rebelled vs Q Elizabeth 1579-83. [Read more ...]

Fitzgerald, Thomas. 1513-37. Irish. Led rebellion vs Henry VIII 1534-5. [Read more ...]

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