The Pocket Guide to World History

Final Solution. 1941-45. Systematic slaughter of Jews and minorities by Nazis. Holocaust. [Read more ...]

Fingerprints. 8C Chinese used as signatures. 1870 Indian classification system. 1901 Galton-Henry System, Scotland Yard. [Read more ...]

Finland. 7C Finns settle, displace Lapps. 1157 Sweden. 1809 Grand Duchy of Russia. 1919 Indepependent republic. [Read more ...]

Finlay, Carlos. 1833-1915. Cuban. Discovered that Yellow Fever is transmitted by mosquitoes 1881. Reed. [Read more ...]

Finn MacCool. 3C. Leader of Irish warriors, subject of Fenian legends. [Read more ...]

Finnish War of Independence. 1918. Anti-communists defeat Bolsheviks with German aid. [Read more ...]

Finsen, Niels. 1860-1904. Danish originator of ultraviolet therapy. Invented U-V bulb. [Read more ...]

Fiorentino, Rosso. 1495-1540. Italian/French Fontainebleau painter. [Read more ...]

Firdusi. c930-c1020. Persian epic poet. Book of Kings 1010. [Read more ...]

Fire brigade. 4000BC China. 2000BC Egypt. 150BC Rome. 1722 Paris. [Read more ...]

Fire of London. 1666. Four days. 87 churches. 13,200 houses. 100,000 homeless. Rebuilt in 10 years. 1136 fire was previously known as Great Fire of London. [Read more ...]

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