The Pocket Guide to World History

Dunkards. 1708-. German Baptist sect. [Read more ...]

Dunkirk, Evacuation. 1940. 340,000 Allied troops from N France. [Read more ...]

Dunkirk, Treaty. 1947. 50 yr. English-French alliance. [Read more ...]

Dunlop, John. 1840-1921. Pneumatic tires for bicycles 1888, planes 1910. [Read more ...]

Duns Scotus, John. c1266-1308. British theologian. Immaculate Conception. vs Thomas Aquinas. Reason over faith. Scotism. Absolute primacy of God’s free will. [Read more ...]

Dunstable, John. c1380-1453. Early English polyphonic choral composer. [Read more ...]

Dunstan, St. 924-88. Abbott, Archbishop of Canterbury. Advised Wessex kings. Monastic reforms. [Read more ...]

Dupin, Amandine. Wrote as George Sand. [Read more ...]

Dupleix, Joseph François. 1696-1763. French Administrator in India, failed to establish French Empire. [Read more ...]

Duplessis, Maurice. 1890-1959. Canadian founder Union Nationale party. Quebec Prime Minister 1936~59. [Read more ...]

Dupplin Moor, Battle. 1332. Balliol gains Scottish throne. [Read more ...]

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