The Pocket Guide to World History

Dillinger, John. 1902-34. Murderous US bank robber. Killed by FBI. [Read more ...]

Dimitrov, Georgi. 1882-1949. Bulgarian Communist leader. Prime Minister 45-. Acquitted of Reichstagg fire. [Read more ...]

Dinah. Jacob and Leah’s daughter. Raped by Hivite, Shechem. [Read more ...]

Dinh Bo Linh. -979. Emperor, reunified Vietnam, gained independence from China. [Read more ...]

Diniz. 1261-1325. King of Portugal, 1279-. Founded University of Coimbra 1290, navy 1317. [Read more ...]

Dio Cassius. 155-235. Greek/Roman historian. 80 Volume history: Roman Antiquities. [Read more ...]

Diocletian. 245-316. Roman Emperor of the East 284, West 285. Abdicated 305. Regained Britain, Persia. Persecuted Christians. Condemned alchemy 297. [Read more ...]

Diogenes (The Cynic). c413-327BC. Greek philosopher. Cynic. Looked for an honest man. Declined gifts of Alexander the Great. Lived in a tub. Sought virtue and moral freedom. [Read more ...]

Diomedes. Greek leader in Trojan War. [Read more ...]

Dionysius. c431-367BC. Syracuse tyrant, unites Greek cities, defeats Carthaginians. Syracuse becomes major power. [Read more ...]

Dionysius of Halicarnassus. 1C BC Greek writer of 20 volume History of Rome. [Read more ...]

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