The Pocket Guide to World History

Daughters of the American Revolution. 1890-. Patriotic organization of revolutionaries’ descendants. [Read more ...]

Daumesnil, Gen. (Peg Leg). Defender of Vincennes, 1814. “Give me back my leg, and I’ll give you Vincennes.” [Read more ...]

Daumier, Honore. 1808-79. French Realist painter and engraver. Political caricaturist. [Read more ...]

Dauphin. 1350-1830. Title of French heir to throne. [Read more ...]

David. King of Isreal 1015-c962BC. Killed Goliath, defeated Philistines. Conquered Jerusalem. United Israel. Author of psalms. [Read more ...]

David, Louis. 1748-1825. French republican. Neoclassical painter. Oath of the Horatii 1784. Marat 1793. Coronation of Napoleon 1808. [Read more ...]

David, St. 6C. Patron saint of Wales. [Read more ...]

David I. 1084-1153. King of Scotland 1124-. Introduced feudalism to Scotland. [Read more ...]

David II. 1324-71. Scottish King 1329-. Son of Robert the Bruce. Invaded England 1346. Imprisoned 1346-57. [Read more ...]

David ap Gaiffudd. -1283. Last native Prince of Wales. Rebelled vs English. Executed. [Read more ...]

David d’Angers, Pierre-Jean. 1788-1856. French sculptor. [Read more ...]

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