The Pocket Guide to World History

Danu. Celtic earth goddess. [Read more ...]

Danzig. Gdansk. [Read more ...]

Daphne. Nymph rejected Apollo-turned to Laurel tree. [Read more ...]

Daphnis. Greek mythological shepherd, inventor of bucolic poetry. [Read more ...]

Darby, Abraham. 1678-1717. Iron coking process, 1709. [Read more ...]

Dardanelles. Mediterranean-Black Sea channel. = Hellespont. Gallipoli. Bosphorus. [Read more ...]

Dardanus. Greek ancestor of Trojan kings. [Read more ...]

Dares Phrygius. Trojan Priest. Wrote about Trojan Wars. [Read more ...]

Darien Scheme. 1698-1700. Failed Scottish attempt to colonize Panama. [Read more ...]

Dario, Ruben. 1867-1916. Published Azul 1888, starting Modernismo movement. [Read more ...]

Darius I. 550-486BC. Persian King 522-. Defeated by the Greeks at Marathon after expanding empire. Great builder and administrator. [Read more ...]

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