The Pocket Guide to World History

Danaïdes. 50 daughters of Danaus. 49 condemed to fill sieves for murdering their husbands. Hypermestra. [Read more ...]

Dance, George. (The Elder). British designer of Mansion House 1737, London Bridge rebuild 1746. [Read more ...]

Dance, George. (The Younger). 1741-1825. English Neoclassical architect College of Surgeons 1813. Founder, Royal Academy. [Read more ...]

Dandolo, Enrico. c1108-1205. Blind Venice Doge. Captured Constantinople 1204. [Read more ...]

Danegeld. Anglo-Saxon tax 991-1012 to buy off Norse attacks. Heregeld, 1012-51 to raise A-S army vs Norse. [Read more ...]

Danelaw. 878-955. NE England under Viking occupation and the laws in effect. [Read more ...]

Daniel. 7C BC. Hebrew prophet. Interpreted dreams. [Read more ...]

Danilo I-II. 1677-1835, 1826-60. Montenegrin Prince-Bishops. [Read more ...]

D’Annunzio, Gabriele. 1863-1938. Italian nationalist writer. Siezed Fiume 1919. Revived Roman salute. [Read more ...]

Dante Alighieri. 1265-1321. Italian moralist poet. First vernacular. Banquet 1306. Divine Comedy 1321, printed 1472. [Read more ...]

Danton, Georges. 1759-94. French Cordelier, Jacobin. Girondin leader 1792-3. Defeated foreign interveners. Executed by Robespierre. [Read more ...]

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