The Pocket Guide to World History

Aljubarrota, Battle. 1385. Confirmed Portugal’s independence from Castile. [Read more ...]

All the Talents. 1806. English government under Grenville. [Read more ...]

Allah. Arabic word for God; name of Islam’s God. [Read more ...]

Allen, Ethan. 1738-89. Led Green Mountain Boys in American Revolution. Failed to take Montreal, 1775. [Read more ...]

Allende, Salvador. 1908-73. Marxist president of Chile 1970-3. [Read more ...]

Alliance for Progress. 1961. Coordination of Latin American economies, resistance to communism. [Read more ...]

Allies. WWI and WWII. [Read more ...]

Allobroges. Celts who inhabited SE France; conq by Rome 121BC. [Read more ...]

Alma, Battle. 1854 Crimean War. French and British defeat Russians at Sebastapol. [Read more ...]

Almohads. 1130-1269. Berber dynasty in Morocco and Spain. Ibn Tumart. [Read more ...]

Almoravids. 1055-1147. Berber dynasty in Morocco and Spain. Yusuf ibn Tashufin. [Read more ...]

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