The Pocket Guide to World History

CWA. Civil Works Admin. US New Deal project employed 4M. [Read more ...]

Cybele. Roman Great Mother of gods. = Rhea. [Read more ...]

Cyclades. Greek Islands in Delian League. [Read more ...]

Cycladic Civilization. Paralleled Minoan and Mycenaean. [Read more ...]

Cyclops. Mythical one-eyed giant. [Read more ...]

Cymbeline. c40. Legendary British king, resisted Romans. [Read more ...]

Cynewulf. c750. English religious poet. Ascension. [Read more ...]

Cynicism. 4C BC-6C. Greek philosophy. Antisthenes. Diogenes. [Read more ...]

Cyprian, St. c200-258. Martyred Bishop of Carthage. Opposed Pope. [Read more ...]

Cyprus. Stone, Bronze Age civilizations. 1450BC Egypt. 1200BC Greek. 1000 Phoenicia. 709 Assyria. 569 Egypt. 6C Persia. 333 Macedonia. 294 Egypt. 47BC Rome...330 AD Byzantine. 7C Moslem. 1191 Crusaders. 1489 Venice. 1571 Turk. 1878 British lease...1914 Britain annexes. 1927 Crown Colony. 1960 Republic. 1963-4 Civil War, Greece and Turkey intervene. 1974 Turkey invades, partition. [Read more ...]

Cyprus Emergency. 1952-9. Pro-Greece EOKA terrorists vs British. [Read more ...]

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