The Pocket Guide to World History

Cupid. Roman god of love, son of Venus. = Eros. [Read more ...]

Curia. Roman political division. [Read more ...]

Curie, Irene. Joliot-Curie. [Read more ...]

Curie, Marie. 1867-1934, and Pierre 1859-1906. Polish/French discoverers of radium, 1898. [Read more ...]

Curragh Incident. 1914. 57 British army officers resign rather than fight Ulstermen. [Read more ...]

Curzon Line. 1920. Russo-Polish armistice line. Became border, 1945. [Read more ...]

Cush. Ancient kingdom in Sudan = Nubia = ancient Ethiopia. [Read more ...]

Custer, George. 1839-76. US general killed at Little Bighorn. [Read more ...]

Cuthbert, St. 635-87. Celtic monk, apostle to Northumbria. [Read more ...]

Cuvier, Georges. 1769-1832. French creator of comparative anatomy and paleontology. [Read more ...]

Cuza, Alexandru. 1820-73. First Prince of Romania, 1859-66. Freed serfs. Educational reform. [Read more ...]

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