The Pocket Guide to World History

Claudian. c370-404. Classic Latin poet. Rape of Prosperine. [Read more ...]

Claudius I. 10BC-54AD. Roman Emperor 41-. Added Britain to empire. [Read more ...]

Claus, Santa. = St Nicholas. [Read more ...]

Clausewitz, Karl von. 1780-1831. German. On War 1816. [Read more ...]

Clausius, Rudolph. 1822-88. German physicist. Entropy. [Read more ...]

Clay, Henry. 1777-1852. “Great Pacificator”. US statesman. Missouri Compromise. [Read more ...]

Clayton-Bulwer Treaty. 1850-1901. US-British agree not to colonize Central America. Panama Canal. [Read more ...]

Clear Grits Movement. 1848-51. Canadian political movement for representation by population. [Read more ...]

Clearance of Scottish Highlands. 1790-1850. Increased sheep farming displaces tenant crofters. [Read more ...]

Cleisthenes. Athenian. First democratic constitution 509BC. Introduced ostracism. [Read more ...]

Clemenceau, Georges. 1841-1929. French Radical Prime Minister 1917-20. Dreyfus defender. War leader. [Read more ...]

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