The Pocket Guide to World History

Clare, Gilbert de. 1243-95. Led Barons War, but became Royalist. [Read more ...]

Clare, Richard de. 1222-62. Led Barons. Provisions of Oxford. [Read more ...]

Clarence, Duke of. 1449-78. Conspired vs brother Henry IV. Executed. [Read more ...]

Clarendon Code. 1661-5. Suppressed religious dissent in England. Five Mile Act. [Read more ...]

Clarendon Constitution. 1164. Henry II limits church power in England. Opposed by Becket. [Read more ...]

Clark, William. 1770-1838. US explorer of Pacific NW with Lewis. [Read more ...]

Clarke, Arthur C. 1917-. British science fiction writer. Predicted geosynchronous satellites 1945. 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968. [Read more ...]

Classical. 500-300BC Greek Art. Idealized figure sculptures. Doric, Ionic, Corinthian architecture. Praxiteles. Roman Art. 1C BC-2C AD. Greek forms; added arch. Sculpture: realistic portraits, dramatic bas-relief. [Read more ...]

Classical Music. ~1750-1820. Development of sonata, symphony, string quartet. Mozart. Beethoven. Haydn. [Read more ...]

Classicism. Art and architecture in imitation of Greek and Roman styles. Neoclassical. [Read more ...]

Claudel, Paul. 1868-1955. French writer: Satin Slipper 1924. [Read more ...]

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