The Pocket Guide to World History

Carissimi, Giacomo. 1604-74. Italian oratorio composer. Widened orchestral instrument variety. [Read more ...]

Carlisle Commission. 1778. British peace offer in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Carlist Wars. 1833-9. 1872-6. Carlists. [Read more ...]

Carlists. 1820-1937. Supporters, especially Basque, of Don Carlos’ claims vs Isabella under Salic Law. [Read more ...]

Carloman. 751-771. Charlemagne’s brother and co-ruler. [Read more ...]

Carlos, Don. 1788-1855. Claimed Spanish throne 1833, succeeding brother Ferdinand VII. Carlists. [Read more ...]

Carlowitz, Treaty. 1699. Ottoman/Holy League. Austria gains Transylvania, Hungary. [Read more ...]

Carlsbad Decrees. 1819. Censorship and repressive measures against liberal Burschenschaften. [Read more ...]

Carlson, Chester. 1906-68. US. Invented xerography, 1940. [Read more ...]

Carlyle, Thomas. 1795-1881. Scottish writer: Heroes and Hero Worship 1841. Cromwell’s Letters 1845. -“Britain-the chosen nation”. [Read more ...]

Carmathians. 890-10C. Moslem reform sect. Kidnaped and ransomed Stone of Ka’bah 930-950. [Read more ...]

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