The Pocket Guide to World History

Canaletto. 1697-1768. Venetian painter of Venice scenes. [Read more ...]

Canary Is. 1479 Spain. [Read more ...]

Candidas. 14-15C. Indian priest, romantic poet. [Read more ...]

Candragupta. Founded Maurya dynasty; united most of India. Ruled c321-297BC. [Read more ...]

Cannae, Battle. 216BC. Hannibal victory over Rome. [Read more ...]

Canning, George. 1770-1827. British Foreigh Secretary. Copenhagen. Peninsular War. [Read more ...]

Cano, Juan del. c1460-1526. Spanish. First Circumnavigation 1521. Magellan. [Read more ...]

Canon Law. Governs church and clergy. Codex Juris Canonici 1917. Vatican Councils. [Read more ...]

Canonization. Official recognition of saints by bishop or 993- by Pope. Since 12C only by Pope. [Read more ...]

Canopus, Decree. 238BC. Trilingual text. Key to hieroglyphics found 1866. [Read more ...]

Canova, Antonio. 1757-1822. Venetian graceful Neoclassical sculptor. Tomb of Clement XIII. Orpheus 1779. Daedalus 1779. 3 Graces 1815. [Read more ...]

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