The Pocket Guide to World History

Burbage, James. 1531-97. Built first English theatre 1576. Later rebuilt as Globe. [Read more ...]

Burckhardt, Jacob. 1818-97. Swiss cultural historian. Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy 1860. [Read more ...]

Burgess, Anthony. 1917-95. English Social novelist. Clockwork Orange 1962. Wanting Seed 1962. [Read more ...]

Burgundian. c1075-1125. Style of Romanesque architecture. Tall proportional. [Read more ...]

Burgundian. Dominant European musical school in 15C. Dufay. [Read more ...]

Burgundians. French political faction. Fought Armagnacs during 100 Years War. Allied with England, 1420. Treaty of Arras 1435 with Charles VII. [Read more ...]

Burgundy. 5C BC Rome. 5C Burgundians settle. 534 Merovingian. 843 divided; W=duchy. 1016 France 1364 Independent duchy. 1477 France(W)/Hapsburg(E). [Read more ...]

Burke, Edmund. 1729-97. English conservative writer, traditionalist political philosopher. Advocated emancipation of American colonies. Founded Annual Register 1758. Reflections on Revolution in France 1790. [Read more ...]

Burke, John. 1787-1848. Peerage 1826-. [Read more ...]

Burkina Faso. (Upper Volta). 11C Bobo. 14C Mossi(E)/Gourma(C)...Kingdoms of Yatanga, Ouagadouga. 1895(E)/97(C) French protectorate. 1904 French Sudan. 1919 French colony. 1932-47 Divided Ivory Coast/Niger/French Sudan. 1948 French Territory. 1960 Independent. 1984 =Burkina Faso. [Read more ...]

Burlingame, Treaty. 1868. US/Chinese friendship. Authorized Chinese immigration to US. [Read more ...]

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