The Pocket Guide to World History

Bukhari, al. 810-870. Arab scholar. Collected sayings of Mohammed. [Read more ...]

Bukharin, Nikolay. 1888-1938. Russian Bolshevik. Shot in Stalin’s Purge. Rehabilitated 1988. [Read more ...]

Bulganin, Nikolai. 1895-1975. Soviet Prime Minister 1955-8 with Khrushchev. [Read more ...]

Bulgaria. Balkans. 7C Bulgar Empire. 1018 Byzantine. 1185 2nd Bulgar Empire. 1396 Ottoman. 1878. Independent kingdom. 1946 People’s Republic. 1991Republic. [Read more ...]

Bulgarian Horrors. 1876. Brutal Ottoman suppression of uprising. 15,000 killed in reprisals. [Read more ...]

Bulge, Battle. 1945. Last German offensive on the Western Front at Ardennes. WWII. [Read more ...]

Bull. Important papal pronouncement of Church doctrine, canonizations. [Read more ...]

Bull, John. 1562-1628. English early keyboard composer. Often credited with God Save the Queen. [Read more ...]

Bull, John. Personification of England popularized by Arbuthnot 1712. [Read more ...]

Bull Moose. 1912-16. Liberal Republicans for Roosevelt in first US Progressive Party. [Read more ...]

Bull Run, Battles. 1861,2. Confederate victories. [Read more ...]

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