The Pocket Guide to World History

Agricola, Johann. 1494-1566. German Protestant reformer and Antinomianist. [Read more ...]

Agrippa, Marcus V. 63-12BC. Roman general, supported Octavian. [Read more ...]

Agrippina. c16-59. Roman princess, who poisoned husband Claudius. Killed by son Nero. [Read more ...]

Aguinaldo, Emilio. 1869-1964. Philippine rebel vs Spain 1896-8, US 1899-1901. [Read more ...]

Ahab. King of Israel 874-853BC. [Read more ...]

Ahimsa. Hindu/Buddhist doctrine: non-injury to all living things. Jainism. [Read more ...]

Ahmad Shah Durrani. c1722-73. Founder, Afghanistan. [Read more ...]

Aho, Juhani. 1861-1921. Finnish novelist. [Read more ...]

Ahriman. Zoroastrian spirit of evil. [Read more ...]

Ahurza Mazda. Zoroastrian spirit of good. [Read more ...]

Aiken, Conrad. 1889-1973. US poet, short story writer. Silent Snow, Secret Snow 1934. [Read more ...]

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